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The Lakeside Stables Lesson Horses are the most important component of our Riding Instruction program. Without them, it would be impossible to do what who we do. There would be no first rides, no learning how to post and no chance to advance from academy to the show ring and beyond. There would be no show riders pursuing their competitive equestrian dreams.


Teddy is the perfect beginner horse here at Lakeside! Teddy knows his job and does it well. He is very sweet to every rider, LOVES the little kids and puts his head down to greet them whenever one walks up to him. Teddy has never met a stranger— he is kind to all of his horsey friends and human friends too! He loves to have a buddy with him at all times. Whether it is another horse or an instructor, Teddy needs them close by! He is a great bareback horse, loves trail rides, and has a huge fan club at Lakeside!



Ella can do it all! She loves to teach, do pattern work, and go to academy horse shows. Ella was a show horse a long time ago, and thinks she is still when she hits the ring! She lights up the ring on any occasion and is very attached to her two best friends, Teddy and Roxie!




Roxie is one of the fastest horses at Lakeside, but also the sweetest! Roxie never backs an ear and loves all of the attention from the kids in her stall. She teaches beginner to advanced riders and loves to canter! She also loves to go to academy shows and help her riders learn to navigate the ring. When Roxie is not teaching or at a show, you can find her out in the field with her best buddies, Ella & Teddy!


Lucky is one of our fanciest lesson horses! He loves to show off his motion and his handsome looks. Lucky is one of our advanced lesson horses and is very ticklish in his stall, and his best friend is Teddy. Lucky has gone to many of our academy horse shows, and has even helped many of his riders win a National title at Academy Nationals!



Hutch is a friendly, spotted little lesson pony — one of the smallest here at Lakeside! He loves to teach our Tiny Trotters and help our riders learn how to ride bareback. Hutch loves to participate in summer camps and enjoys making special appearances at our birthday parties!


A miniature white lesson pony, Apple is well known for being painted by the children at our birthday parties, barn days, and camps. She is the mother to several of the other miniature horses at our facilities. Apple is very sweet, small and caring, and she sure does love all the attention from the kids!


Daisy is one of the sweetest Lakeside lesson horses. She is very friendly to all and enjoys teaching, as well as being outside with her horsey friends. Daisy teaches beginner to intermediate riders, and has the smoothest trot! She loves teaching tiny trotters, helps out with barns days and camps, and is a perfect lunge lesson horse. Daisy teaches hunt seat lessons as well as saddle seat lessons and enjoys being painted at our birthday parties!

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